The pursuit of the 'perfect pour'.

There has been an explosion in microbreweries and craft beer in recent years. The factory-produced brews that used to make up the beer market have been surpassed in recent year by thousands of microbreweries. In the past three decades a grassroots movement has turned into big business. Microbreweries have gone from nowhere to 10% of a market worth $100 billion a year!

With this growth, the pursuit of the "perfect pour" has become important as each brewery demands an optimal volume of CO2 gas for their beers. ITW Pressure Regulator Technologies gov regulators regulate accurately the correct amount of CO2 gas per the brewers specification for that particular brand of beer greatly reducing pouring profits down the drain, instead by perfect pours of each beverage every time.


  • Stainless steel & Nitrile rubber
  • Mass: 46.2 grams
  • Overall Size - 2.0" x.8"
  • Inlet - barb fitting for 5/16" ID tubing
  • # of parts - 12 parts


  • Output Pressure Range 4-55 PSI
  • Input Pressure Range 20-60 PSI
  • Recommended Temperature Range – 0-120 F
  • Accuracy +/- .5 PSI
  • Flow Rate 20-80+ L/Min

Gas Compatibility:

  • CO2, Argon, O2, N2O, N2, Propone, 134A, Blends
  • 1/3 the cost compared to traditional secondary regulator
  • Patent filed Jan, 2015